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If you are looking for the best value internet marketing services in Milton Keynes, then you are at the right place – SEM, including SEO & PPC; Display Advertising and Social Media Management from one place. What ever internet marketing services you are after, we can guarantee you the best quality work for the best value! We will work close to you to find out your business’ needs and will deliver the results you want. Lets grow your online presence together!

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For RK Digital Marketing you are not just another number! We give all from us to help you to succeed and to reach your goals – your success = our success. We will commit 100% on your project and will deliver you results that you need.

Internet Marketing can be very difficult, especially if you are new in this area. For us it’s not a problem! Doesn’t matter, which internet marketing services you need – your website’s SEO improving or new PPC campaign running – we’ll handle it for you.


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What is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is an internet marketing discipline that helps your site to be found in search engines’ organic (not paid) results. Search engines are crawling the internet all the time and during the crawling they rank pages and sites. To get a good rank, and be visible in search engines’ organic results, you have to be better than your competitors. So, what does it mean? It means all your visible and invisible (technical side) content has to be well optimised!


PPC is an internet marketing model, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Paid results appear in the first part of the search engine results page (first 3 results) and are labeled as an “ad”. How much you have to pay per click depends on keyword itself. If the competition is low for the keyword, then you pay less than if the competition is high. Usually, the more you pay the higher place your ad appears in the search results – but not only! You have to make sure your landing page’s content is relevant to your ad, as well.